A Day in Postal 2: I Regret Nothing

Recently we injected one of our reporters into the digital world of Postal 2 using a special process we like to call Jacking-In™. This process is in no way affiliated with the Matrix movie franchise and is in fact, almost totally different. Sure, there are cables and human-machine interfaces but otherwise… totally different.

Our reporter entered this world expecting to gain insight into the violent and crude manners the inhabitants have been alleged to display. Every known precaution was taken by our team to assure that his safety was paramount, but tragically he was taken from us during his excursion. A dedicated servant of science, he knew how important this research was to us and sent us the footage used in this video. This footage follows his journey up to and including his final moments. If you are afraid death, digital or otherwise, proceed with caution.

While his stay with us was short we can all take comfort in knowing he felt peace in his final moments, and some might say even got pretty zen about it. We will miss you!

The Game Set Crash Family

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