10 Wild Facts YOU didn’t know about small plumber Mario

We are all very familiar with Mario, the small plumber. His face is all over bill boards, lunch pails and magazines. Most of us have played at least one of his games and quite possibly grew up with the guy. But how well do you think you really know him? Not as well as me I’d bet. Here are 10 Things YOU Didn’t Know About Mario.

  1. Contrary recent claims, Mario does not wear a mustache to cover your standard upper lip. It conceals his shame and Insane Clown Posse tattoo.

  2. Mario loves ICP but hesitates to call himself a juggalo. Labels? No thanks!

  3. Mario is the only us president never to serve a term in office.

  4. Your 35 year old cousin could absolutely trounce you in Mario.

  5. Known as Cloud Keeper or the One True King and it is fabled that when the sky is blacked by Giants – when blight and famine cover the world like twilight shadows, that one man for the world’s applause will raise high the severed head of the Serpent King, loose the darkness from Earth’s weeping shoulders, and bring in a new age of peace and wisdom. That man is the little plumber’s brother Luigi Mario.

  6. In the newest Mario game, Mario’s hat comes to life her name is Hot Trisha. She’s amazing and I love her very much.

  7. The small plumber never had one nightmare – not even as a kid. Not one.

  8. If Mario was a Pokemon he would be Pikachu because he is our treasure.

  9. Mario had never seen the Insane Clown Posse live but “might one day”

  10. Mario is a Nintendo, through and through.


How many of these facts did you know? Tell us in the comments or maybe even share a few of your own!

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