Team Sonic Racing : FOOLISH To Face Titan Garfield Kart!

The Sonic franchise embarrasses itself yet again by resurfacing in the competitive genre of kart racing with a new Team Sonic Racing title. The Kart Racing Genre is a one that has long been dominated by Paws Inc, who staked it’s claim with the overman of kart racers Garfield Kart  in 2013. Since then many have tried to live up to the glory of the faithful feline and his goodly karts but all who try lay ruined with bellies full of his dust.

It’s no secret that the flunkies over at team Sonic, have attempted to scale the backs of giants before, and we respect their bravery but sometimes it’s okay just to live in their cupboards with thimble chairs and yarn spool tables. That is to say, just be yourself Sonic. A hedgehog is a hedgehog no matter how small. Maybe Make a boxing game or something.

If you are interested in learning more about the alpha and omega of the kart racing, check out our review of Garfield Kart. That ought to clear up any confusion or feelings of frustration and loneliness you might be feeling right about now.

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