Fallout 76: A Music Man Kart Racer?!

Game studio and glitch repository Bethesda recently announced a new game in the fallout series after a toooootally viral live streamed tease. Many theories and allegations along with a few supposedly “confirmed” details have been in high circulation since. One theory in particular caught our attention and not just because of our temultuous relationship with kart racers ( we love you dearly Garfield Kart. Please call). This theory was one of several posited on twitter by a Mister Sips of the Yogscast.

While an intriguing claim, we feel it only tells half the story. The missing half? The Music Man. A two-bit no good traveling huckster who is unjustifiably redeemed after experiencing the love of a local gal (his shipoopi) and the joy of community in the small town of River City, Iowa. I mean they treat him like the dang pope. It’s rediculous. But alas, it is a tale as old as time, really. This portion of the theory stems primarilly from the song 76 Trombones which is an important number in the story. See for your self below!

Asside from that, the similarities between every iteration of the lone wanderer and the dirty con artist who steals the love of a town and its most goodliest town woman are uncanny. For example they are both willing to go to extravegant lengths for nothing but narrow minded selft interest. Either is willing to cheat, steal and murder (allegedly) on and off the critical path. Basically they are both just the worst, and yet people love them. I just don’t get it. I really don’t.

Enjoy your stupid Kart Racer. I will stick with Garfield Kart…. (linked below)

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