Winner Announced: Garfield or Duff To Be Next Pokemon?

It’s been a long an arduous road. We think we speak for everyone when we say that each day laying in the tragic nothingness of wait has felt like 1000 eternities chained at the ankles and dragged across white hot sand while being viciously teased by teenagers. “Get a life old man!“, “ew, is that a boner?“, “are you about to cry?“… Well it’s not and I’m not… And the wait is finally over!

The winner has been announced and GOSH are we relieved to be rid of this horrible horrible unknowing. Simply putting it to rest would have been a blessing in and of itself, I mean MY GOD! I could honestly just go on and on about the agony but I am going to try to check myself here. One sec.
The winner is Garfield(W*), sweet beautiful Garfield(W)! You are likely familiar with Garfield from his famous Kart Racer game, but he has been around since way before that. Before making his big break in Kart Racing, Garfield(W)  was the eponymous character of a small comic strip printed in news papers and even books composed of compilations from strips previously printed in newspapers! We checked them out and had no strong feelings on way or the other.

We wish Hillary Duff(L**) the best of luck and hope wherever her carreer takes her next is someplace wonderful. She fought bravely and it is almost certain that some dream-maker will see a shining star in her, and find a way for money to be made from it. We at GSC were all shocked to see how well she performed in that tractor pull and I think the whole world held it’s breath as she performed her cotillion. Yes her future is bright, it just won’t be in the temporarilly defunct Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow cartridges.

If you are interested in catching a Garfield of your own, please mail your game cartridges to The Pokemon Company official headquarted in Japan. Include a self addressed stamped envelope with your package. Only Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are elligible. Garfield will not be recognized outside of those games. All cartridge exchanges must be submitted before July/1/18. If for any reason you are unable to submit your cartridge The Pokemon Company request you destroy the cardtridge and send evidence of this instead.

*Winner **Loser

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