Touching: Teen Lets Friend Play if He Promises Not to Ruin His Save.

In today’s trying times, it’s stories like these that really restore our faith in humanity. Don’t get it twisted folks. There is still good in the world if you know where to look.

On Saturday June 3rd, Jonas and Ben were having a sleepover. This is a fairly common condition for these two boys as they have been friends for many years but live a “ways out” from each other. The night began like any other. The boys watched scary movies, had popcorn tickle fights, played cops and robbers at the old 711 down the road – just teen boy things. The night took a twist however as the sun began to set. It was after 8 o’clock and they boys were growing tired. After knocking back half a plate of Ben’s mother’s Famous Rice Cereal Squares, Ben and Jonas were ready to hit the brakes on the fun train and start pulling into bedtime station.

Normally this meant one thing. Jonas and Ben would change into their pajamas and Jonas would be made to watch Ben goof off on Grand Theft Auto’s single player campaign for up to three hours. Not only would this be a challenge for Jonas due to his strong bond to circadean rythems, but also due to the Jekyll-and-Hydesque tranformation his friend would perfom. During these sessions Ben was known to become short and agitated, requiring a lot of attention and baring very little resemblance to the Crowned Prince of Popcorn Tickling he’d embodied so very recently.

It’s just weird. It’s like he becomes a different person once his Xbox is turned on. Almost like an animal. His eyes become glassy, he grunts, he scratches himself inappropriately. It’s just not the way the Crowned Prince of Popcorn Tickling should behaive. It isn’t appropriate. It’s scary.

Well, that might normally be the case but this night was different. Ben had been feeling sniffly earlier that day. It was bad enough that they even had to add temporary safe zones to thier 711 romp earlier so that Ben could facetime his mom to look at his throat and tonsils. Needless to say that he was more pooped than usual and for the first time ever, he told Jonas he could “play for a bit as long as [Jonas] doesn’t mess up [Ben’s] save”

I was thrilled. I always wanted to play video games at his house and his conditions were mostly very reasonable. I don’t really have much interest in flying helicopters or shooting people anyway. I am perfectly happy to drive around the desert and just go site seeing. It is a really pretty game.

After his twenty minutes were up, Jonas was dismissed to bed without even having to watch Ben do any more bike stunts.

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