The Fountainhead : but it’s a game

Finally, a game for those who deserve everything.

Telltale Games has just announced that it will be adapting the novel The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand into its signature style. You may know Ayn Rand as The Wet Hot American Dream Maker and namesake to Ron Paul’s weird murken headed elf poodle son Rand Paul, but she’s more than that. Ayn is also the author of The Fountainhead, a novel in which she characterizes her objectivist philosophy through its protagonist Howard Roark. He’s basically THE BEST and thereby entitled to the whatever his will to power furnishes him with. Major freaking Bootstraps and stuff. SUPER CHILL. Are you getting that? Like so, the idea is that rich people are rich because they are the best people. They eerrr.. We are I guess ascendant or something.

This is the sort of story that temporarily embarrassed millionaires such as myself have been waiting for for ages. While it’s true that most games have a foundation in power worship, they’re usually undercut with the ideological myth of altruism. Sure in most superhero games it can be argued that you play as a physiological overman, but in the tradition of judeo-christian ideological value inversions. Your Supreme energy is spent whole cloth in dogged service to lesser beings! AS IF! SUPER NOT CHILL. Sure, Spiderman uses his powers to advance his journalism career but that’s a pittance for a man of his abilities.

Basically this game is going to have the guts to do what so few have done before; tell me I am great, that I deserve the world, and that those less fortunate than me are there because they are less capable. MANIFEST DESTINY BABY!

On an unrelated note, I was wondering if anyone could lend me 50 dollars or so to buy the game. I hate to do this kind of thing, I really do. I will totally get you back as soon as I get on my feet again.

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