10 Reasons Spider-Man is The Best Superhero According to My Nephew

When it comes to super heroes, there are few people I know that are more in touch with the ins and outs than my sister’s son Calvin. This guy breaths super heroes. It’s almost like he is some sort of Aquaman, only instead of breathing water… he breaths super heroes. I personally never really got into it.

I recently had the chance to interview Calvin to get his hot take on the hierachy of heroes. The purpose? To learn which was best and why. Here are 10 Reasons Spider-Man is The Best [one]… and why.


1. Because he makes a web and he catches bad guys in his web

2. Because he’s a superhero

3. Because he fights Green Goblin

4. Because he’s always a good guy.

5. Because he’s like a spider

7. Because everyone thinks he’s Peter Parker but he actually turns into Spider-Man

9. Because he kills bad guys

10. Because he has super powers


Savvy readers may have noticed the sixth and eighth reasons are missing. The sixth reason had to be removed due profane material I did not feel comfortable publishing in this article. The story behind the eighth is slighly more complicated.

When I asked Calvin why he did not include an eighth reason he responded by telling me that “Seven ate nine”. I informed him that that would mean nine should be missing since that is who seven ate. At this point he became emotional, beligerant and uncooperative. I was asked to leave the property shortly after.

Okay fine, 6. Venom is a Poop Mouth.

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